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Reception Details

The grand ballroom at The View at Bluemont is a spacious and elegant venue that can accommodate multiple guest count sizes from 75 people and up to 300 people, making it an ideal choice for intimate and large celebrations. With its expansive layout, the ballroom offers ample space for a live band or DJ to set the perfect musical ambiance for the evening. The well-designed floor plan allows for a seamless transition between dinner and dancing, ensuring a fluid and enjoyable experience for guests. Whether you envision a sophisticated dinner reception or a lively dance party, the ballroom at Bluemont provides the versatility and grandeur to host a memorable event, surrounded by the stunning views of the Bluemont countryside.



The expansive ballroom at The View at Bluemont is a versatile canvas, accommodating up to 300 people and allowing couples to design a personalized floor plan that brings their dream wedding to life. This spacious venue serves as a blank slate for creative expression, offering flexibility for seamless transitions between ceremony, dinner, and dancing. The attentive event staff collaborates closely with couples to understand their unique vision, ensuring that every aspect of the celebration, from intimate dinner seating to the placement of a live band or DJ, is customized to perfection. With the stunning Bluemont countryside as a backdrop, the ballroom becomes a space where aesthetics and functionality harmonize, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transforms each wedding into an unforgettable and uniquely tailored experience.


Dinner & Dancing

As guests enter the spacious venue, they are greeted by an atmosphere of elegance and warmth. The customizable space allows couples to design the perfect layout for dinner seating, ensuring an intimate and enjoyable dining experience. Later in the evening, as the mood shifts to celebration, the ballroom transforms into a vibrant dance floor. With ample space for a live band or DJ, the air is filled with music that resonates throughout the room, inviting guests to join in the joyous festivities. The grandeur of the ballroom, coupled with panoramic views of the Bluemont countryside, creates a magical backdrop for couples to share their first dance and for guests to revel in the enchanting atmosphere of a truly remarkable wedding celebration.


Grand Send Offs

To culminate their wedding night in a truly special way, couples at The View at Bluemont have the option to orchestrate a memorable send-off with their guests. One enchanting choice is a sparkler send-off, where the newlyweds are surrounded by the warm glow of sparklers held by friends and family, creating a magical and celebratory atmosphere. Alternatively, couples can choose a personalized send-off of their liking, ensuring that the conclusion of their wedding day is as unique as the love they share. The View at Bluemont provides the perfect canvas for couples to craft a farewell moment that leaves a lasting impression and adds a touch of whimsy to the conclusion of their joyous celebration.

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