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Elevate your wedding experience during the cocktail hour at The View at Bluemont, where options abound for a truly delightful celebration. Whether you choose the refined ambiance inside the Manor House, the outdoor allure of the Grand Patio, or the enchanting setting under our bistro lights, your cocktail hour is destined to be a memorable affair. Expert servers will gracefully pass delectable appetizers, while our skilled bartenders craft and serve up signature cocktails, ensuring your guests are treated to a culinary and beverage experience that sets the tone for an enchanting celebration.

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Manor House

With multiple spacious rooms, covered porches offering breathtaking views, and the warm ambiance of multiple fireplaces, guests have the perfect setting to spread out and savor the moments. This intimate and elegant space provides a charming backdrop for socializing and enjoying the picturesque surroundings as you celebrate the joyous occasion.


Under the Bistro Lights

Enhance the enchantment of your cocktail hour under the bistro lights at The View at Bluemont, creating an inviting ambiance for guests to seamlessly flow between the outdoor charm and the elegant interior of the Manor Home. This delightful setting adds a touch of magic to the celebration, allowing guests to enjoy the scenic beauty while anticipating the transition inside for the reception.

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Ceremony Patio

After the ceremony, guests can stay put, savoring the moment as the bar opens and delectable food begins to flow, creating an uninterrupted and joyful atmosphere for the continuation of the festivities in the scenic outdoor setting.

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